Museo de Cervera: “Inertia”, project of three stone pieces with a clock

The past time in the present time and three curras on the ground in the cradle of the building, there where the architectural shadow will arrive towards noon in spring, the segments rest on the plain, on the ground. It will make Reloj, the job that is best preserved, will be positioned vertically and its continuation of verticality, also paradoxical in its cognitive sense, will mark time. It will make us realize that we are on the move… very important for people who work the land and who have this wisdom to take advantage of the hours of sun so that the seeds grow.
Marta Pruna Francesch, will intervene even more in June, the two horizontal curras in a very respectful way, so that their historical significance is maintained. By themselves they are already an entire installation in which daily work, hard work, thirst, austerity, wages, family, everything contains it. The DNA of some tiny species still remains, among the wheat between the holes worked in the cylinders. This respectfulness, integration, philosophy is part of their way of doing things on the 7-sense way, which has European recognition and in BCL procedures, as well as cultural recognition at the Catalan level. Respect for others, the Gesture and the look, are basic to care for the other.

What can I say more, almost one does not dare, intuition makes me work from the sky… Distant gaze, to leave the landscape intact… if it can be greener, cleaner.
Culture is a trace… like an incurable crust that always bleeds again. You have to suck the wounds of time very carefully, continually learning from History, which we often forget.